It is said the first impressions are lasting and that is definitely true when it comes to entering a business and seeing if they have well maintained carpeting. Walking into a business with dirty traffic lanes and untreated spots reflects poorly on those that work there.

People tend to keep nice things nice and if things are old and dirty people will just continue walking over it and not caring. People also tend to wipe their feet on a walk off mat at the front door if they enter with dirty shoes and see a really nice carpet in front of them.

Carpeting can be the holding place for germs and bacteria that is carried in day after day. If left unattended and not cleaned regularly those germs and bacteria will eventually become airborne and could create an unhealthy work environment for the employees.

It is important to use a reputable carpet cleaner Sacramento with experience in commercial carpet cleaning because the types of carpets installed in business can be quite different from residential carpeting.

Commercial carpet cleaners will offer you additional treatments after your carpeting has been cleaned. Eliminating dust mites, applying “future” stain protection or even product that will block liquids from immediately penetrating the carpets are products to consider before your carpet technician completes the job. The stain guard products will allow your stain to remain on “top” of the carpet longer giving you more time to get something to blot it up. Ask your technician for a stain removal product recommendation.

Also remember that while having your carpeting cleaned it would be a benefit to have upholstered office chairs and furniture cleaned at the same time. Professional carpet cleaners will offer you the best types of cleaning based on the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. They will have the best types of commercial equipment and professional cleaning products to use.

When picking a professional carpet cleaner for your task check out websites for your area. The internet will be a great place to begin. This will give you a good overall picture of the company and their references. Make you work place a safe and clean place for your staff.

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